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Jill Holtz has grown the website MyKidsTime to have a massive 600,000+ social followers and fans. In this episode, she talks about how she achieved this, and the ups and downs of running an online business. She also now helps other businesses to market to parents.

Mar 20th, 2017 by interestingpeoplepod at 9:47 am

Sarah Williams worked in the finance industry for 8 years before hitting a crisis point and realising she needed dramatic change. This led to her travelling through South America, climbing Kilimanjaro and setting up Tough Girl Challenges to inspire and motivate young women to have positive goals.

Mar 13th, 2017 by interestingpeoplepod at 10:25 am

Nicola Noble wasn't sure how her adult life was going to play out, but having children - two of whom are autistic - led her to homeschooling, which she supplements with writing books and running craft businesses online. She is also a prepper - get rid of your image of Texan men with massive guns, her prepping style is far more accessible and, actually, tasty. 

Mar 6th, 2017 by interestingpeoplepod at 10:27 am

Dee Miller has worked in the States, Canada and Scotland before moving to Nottingham, England, and opening a bricks-and-mortar business: a co-working and events space.

Listen to her talk about the risks she took, the joys of co-working, and what she has in store for the project. Also, micro breweries and gin.